19 Most Incredible Henna Tattoos You Have Ever Seen

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Henna tattoos are temporary Indian tattoos drawn by freehand by a mehndi artist. The concept uses a greenish-black paste of henna and can dye the skin ranging from light skin to a deep burgundy lasting for two weeks. Mehndi or mehendi as commonly spelled; it is an artform commonly practiced in many of the Middle East and south Asian countries. The idea of henna tattoos has been there for as long as 600 years and the whole concept have been getting as cooler as ever.

The idea of letting a plant pain on a human skin and then temporary stay there started right from Egypt and has since left the mark for many years and there are no indications that the idea is going to end yet soon. Since its time in Egypt, henna tattoos have had a lasting mark on several Middle East cultures including India. With henna tattoos, you can have a stain remain on your body for as long as three weeks but this will also depend on the king of care you give it. In this list, you find one of the most fantastic henna tattoos you have probably not seen.

They are the ones that have elicited much appreciation across the cultures and more and more people have recently been acquiring about them. I know by going through h this list you will probably leave with a totally different opinion about this ancient but ever evolving phenomenon. Below is a list of 20 most incredible Henna tattoo designs ever.

19. Anchor Henna Tattoo

Henna Tattoos

This is a perfect tattoo and is probably among the best henna tattoos so far. Look at the color and the beauty the whole design brings out. It is awesome if not magnificent.

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