20 Best Ideas for Japanese Samurai Tattoo

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Though Samurai tattoos are popular both in men as well as women within Japan and some parts of Asia, these tattoos for women and men are also well known across the world. In fact, once you spot it, the first thing that comes into your mind is Japan. But, what would you think of if you see a non-Japan wearing a samurai tattoo?

Let us first of all look at the meaning, A samurai is an elite warrior from Japan. These kinds of warriors are the epitome of horror, respect, self-discipline, courage and loyalty. This is the reason you would see most traditional men preferring to wear these tattoos on their bodies. This is the only way they can remember this popular and sacred way of life. Here below are 20 best tattoo ideas:

20. Geisha Kissing

samurai tattoo

The tattoo here takes much of its creativity from the Japanese traditional painting.

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