30 Famous Celebrities who Beat Cancer

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A termination of all biological functions that sustain a living organism is call “Death”. It is a natural phenomenon which each one of us will have to face one day, wither we like it or NOT. World is full of different type of people; few wants to get rid of this world but many wants to live long.

According to an assessment more than one million people die by suicide each year (worldwide) where every 16 of per 100,000 dies by commuting suicide; i.e. one person after EVERY 40 seconds BUT there is another category also exist that is completely opposite than the one we discussed above; these are the people who fought for their lives and won the battlefield like a well-built warrior. Interesting thing is many of them are those whom YOU know as famous celebrities.

We already have a list of Celebrities earning after death So, we thought why not share a list of some REAL heroes and heroines who won the battle of life by BEATING a deadly disease call “CANCER”. Shell we begin?

 30. Sharon Osbourne

Beat Cancer

The heavy metal mom of a reality show ‘The Osbourne’ on MTV, yes that’s our very own ‘Sharon Osbourne’ is BEST known as this role of hers. She was diagnosed cancer by her doctor in the year 2002. The brave lady stood and fought for her life against the deadly disease. During the treatment, she continued her reality show and meanwhile encouraged her daughter and husband to continue their work as well. The 49 year old Sharon has no family history such like colon cancer. On 3rd July of 2002, she had a successful surgery of a foot of large intestine. Later, after lymph nodes test, doctors discover that the disease had spread beyond her colon; it was the very same reason why doctors had to remove not just intestine but the surroundings as well. As during surgery cancer cells weren’t removed completely that is why she was undergone chemotherapy to eradicate the remaining cancer cells. She is in the list of famous celebrities who beat cancer.

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