5 Extreme Bizarre Body Modifications in the World

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Body modification has of recent times been gaining momentum and indications are that the practice is getting to its pick. Athletes, singers and all people of all walks are spending millions of money every day to modify their bodies. However, there are a few people who have taken the whole exercise to a new level by undergoing extreme body modification.

Most Extreme Body Modifications

The following are our top 5 extreme body modifications:

1. Extreme Modified Married Couple

A couple from Argentina shocked the world for their extreme body modification and this couple is currently holding a special place in the official Guinness World Record. A 43-year old, Victor Hugo Peralta from Uruguay and his wife Gabriela, were married on 21 February 2008. In a show of true love, they decided to undergo extreme body modification.

most modified married couple

They made 50 piercings, five dental implants, two ear bolts, eleven body implants, four microdermals, four ear expanders, one forked tongue etc. According to the Victor the husband who was quite happy to hold this record on a valentine day with his wife and that valentine day became the most amazing day for both of them. He further said we met 18 years ago and from that time we love each other very much and we are the perfect match as well.

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