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6 Most Shocking Stories of Fat People


4. Sorry You Can’t Fly

An overweight passenger sues the company against discrimination, humiliating and providing incomplete information. KindleTiggeman lives in New Orleans and by profession, she was an active blogger, her blog post related to the weight loss lessons. The active blogger girl on weight losing tips stated as too fat to fly.

Sorry you can’t Fly

In her statement she states that South west agent told her on the day of flight that she is too fat to fit in one seat and she has to buy two seats in order to start her journey.

Tiggeman Sue the company in district court in the month of April and states that South west agent chose to discriminate, didn’t follow the company policies, embarrass and humiliate her in front of the airporton lookers.

In defense the South west company revealed that their company have a size policy which clearly shows that the passenger have to buy two seats if he or she can’t fit in between arm rest. The south west seatsmeasure 17 inches diagonally.


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