7 Most Expensive Films Ever Made

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Film industry have become a major vendor of several nations, in order to touch maximum rating and to drop a bomb in box office, production house spend a million of dollars. Celebrity endorsement, expensive and luxurious cars, houses, high class graphics and other film making equipment needs millions of budget.

2 hours film involve mutual efforts of more than 400 persons, including directors, producers, Location person, camera persons, Art department, costume department, Make up group, stunt men, post production department and much more.

In Hollywood industry the increasing budget for movies now crossing $200 million. Hollywood secretive nature of accounts doesn’t reveal the actual budget for film making, but the estimated amount can be considered as quite near. Up till know pirate of the Caribbean – At world’s End is taken as the most expensive film of this modern era. The production of this movie exceeds $450 and sets a new record of most Expensive Film.

Camera technique and advance technology now reduces the cost of movie making to some extent but still in the race of rating and ranking the makers are readily willing to spend the premium amount to get the maximum hits.

This article is with full of astonishing high budget of films, most of them are among mostly watched Hollywood movies, but before reading this surely you have no idea that how much it cost to the production house against these 1-2 hour movies.

7. Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End

Most Expensive Films

This Hollywood movie released in the year of 2007 is the third film in the series of pirate of the Caribbean. The theme of the movie revolve around the curse of the Black Pearl with concept of historical East India company, complimented with same pirate story line, which get a positive response from the viewers.

The film was directed by Gore Verbinski, the production cost was estimated as $332 million and it counted as among the top Most Expensive Films. The film was in English Language and released in English Speaking countries. Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End become the most successful film of the year 2007 with the business of $960 million worldwide.

The film was also nominated for different awards including Academy Award for Visual Effects and Academy Award for Makeup.

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