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7 Most Expensive Films Ever Made


5. Spider Man 3

Most Expensive Films

Spider Man 3 is the final installment of the spider Man trilogy and relies on computer based high standard effects and graphics. The film was released in the year of 2007 in America based on the fictional Marvel Comics character. The film was directed by Sami Raimi.

The high standard graphic and all other film making expense cost $286 million, this high budget include Spider Man 3 among Most Expensive Films ever made. The theme and high class graphic attract the maximum viewer’s attention and the film sets a dozen of records. The Spider Man 3 earns estimated of $890,871,626 worldwide and it becomes the third highest grossing 2007 film. This Most expensive film also set a single day record of $104 million and broke its own record with $117.6, the film reached to $20 billion within 30 days.


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