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7 Most Expensive Films Ever Made


4. Tangled

Most Expensive Films

Tangled the animated film released in the year of 2010, this Fantasy comedy film produced by Walt  Disney Studio and get expert hands of Walt Disney Pictures for releasing. The most astonishing fact about this movie, Tangled spent six years in production, the expertise endure in the six years make this film worth watching. Tangled costs estimated $26o millions and it is among Most Expensive Films ever made. Tangled also have one more astonishing fact, this movie employed a unique artistic style by combining features of both traditional animation and computer-generated imagery together.

In box office the customer response give the result of six year production; the film earned $591 million worldwide. The film set third highest revenue among 2010 animated movie. This Most Expensive Film has a worldwide business of $86.1 million on opening weekend.


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