8 Handsome Men Who Went Through Transgender Surgery

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7. Loren Cameron

Loren Cameron wasa well-known American photographer born in the year of 1959 in the United States. By occupation Loren Cameron was a Photographer, Transsexual activist and author. His major in the field of photography includes self-portraiture and portraiture contain transsexual bodies and lesbian in both nude form and clothed.

Loren Cameron

In the year of 1996 Loren Rex Cameron’s writing and photography was first published by Cleis press, a well reputed publisher. The publication comes under the tag of “Body Alchemy”. The book contains documentation and content on Loren Cameron personal experience of changing his gender with transgender surgery and turned into male from female. This handsome man was previously a female, who received much appreciation and positive response from the public after publication of this book. In the same year of 1996 Loren Rex Cameron’s book ranked as double 1996 Lambda Literary Award winner.


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