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8 Handsome Men Who Went Through Transgender Surgery


5. Rocco Kayiatos

Rocco Kayiatos born in the year of 1977 started his career in the year of 1997. Rocco Kayiatos is well reputed and successful Rapper and Producer. Rocco known by his stage name Katastrophe is an American producer and hip Hop rapper, born with female characteristics. At one stage of life he realized to change his gender with transgender surgery.

Rocco Kayiatos

His childhood and young age are stuck around poetry. At the age of 19 Rocco have poems on four compilation CDs. He is quite successful in his career from a very small age.

He changed his gender from female to male and become the first rapper to openly declare being a transsexual. After transformation Rocco Kayiatos teamed up with Amos Mac on creating the very first magazine for and by Tran’s men. The magazine was first launched in the month of October in the year of 2009.


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