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8 Handsome Men Who Went Through Transgender Surgery


3. Andreas Krieger

Andreas Krieger a German Former shot putter born in Heidi Krieger with female traits, later on transformingtwo handsome men with doping abuses. In the era of the 1980’s like other German athletes at that time Andreas Krieger was also unknowingly doped with anabolic steroids, which result him in taking the decision of transgender surgery.

Andreas Krieger

After the transgender surgery, his life career achievement include gold medal in the shot put event in the year of 1986 in European Championships, when he put the shot at 21.10 m. He started his career in 1980’s and retired in 1990. Andreas Krieger story of being doping was also featured on PBS series Secrets of the Dead episode covering the doping of East German athletes.

His story of transgender surgery from a female to handsome men was also featured in the documentary “Doping Factory of Champions” the whole documentary revolves around an Andreas Krieger story. Andreas Krieger was also on the screen in the very first episode of the BBC documentary with the title “The Lost World of Communism.”

As per his personal life is concerned after doping, he married to official East German swimmer name Ute Krause, who was also included in one of the victims of massive doping by German sports officials.


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