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8 Most Amazing Moments of Brazil’s 2014 World Cup


7. Worst Defeat of Brazil 7-1 Against Germany

It is very hard to believe that 3 people from all over the world already put their money on an amazing victory of Germany with the specific amount of goals 7-1 and win the handsome amount after finishing the match in world cup 2014. The question is that how did they know before the starting of the match that it is going to be a result of 7-1 with defeating sign of Brazil which was favorite before this match.


The bookmakers were quite shocked that it is very difficult for a person to put a bet on a very critical match which was the Semi Final between Germany and Brazil world cup 2014. Most of the people were expecting the defeat of Germany but at the end of the match, the result was quite shocking and Germany made the history by defeating the Brazil in world cup 2014 with 7-1 and set a new world record. It also helped three “Punters” to earn hot cash.