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8 Most Amazing Moments of Brazil’s 2014 World Cup


5. A Brazilian Fan Dies of Heart Attack in a Live Match

We can say that this one is not amazing but the shocking incident took place in Brazil’s world cup 2014. The match was playing between Brazil and Chille when a sudden incident took place and a 69 years old man lost his life due to heart attack while watching the penalty shootout. The man who had lost his life was not feeling well and he was taken to the hospital before the starting of the match but soon he returned to the stadium for watching the match and for supporting his team but he lost his life during the match.

A Brazilian football fan died

The match was quite intense and at the end of the Brazil won the world cup 2014 match with the help of penalty kicks, the results came 3-2 in the favor of Brazil. According to the Health Officials of Brazil, more than 97 people were treated during this intense match.