8 Most Bizarre Body Modifications of all Time

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Are you tired of your boring body? There are many ways through which you can mutilate your body and become the way you want by Body modifications. Body modification has become a hot thing in the world as more and more people have recently modified their body to look awesome.

Most Bizarre Body Modifications

However, there are other body modifications that are so bizarre. Below are the top 8 bizarre body medications.

8. Tattoo Breast Implants

Through history, people have been doing body modifications on their bodies to look awesome by doing tattoos of skanky chicks and fake boobs. But if you look at what lane Jensen’s skanky chick tattoo, you will definitely get shocked. The idea here was to get this tattoo and then give it a breast implants, but the idea did not go as intended.

Tattoo Breast Implants

The implants on Lane were made out of silicon, making them to look like leg tittles; however, after a little period there was a growth of nipples on his calf. Astonishingly, within a period of few weeks, the nipples failed to grow further as his body produced excess lymphatic fluid against them.

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