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8 Rarest Birthmarks You Have Ever Seen


6. Turtle Boy

Branded a “turtle boy”, Didier Montalvo was finally happy when surgeons got him off the stress of his hugeissue. A huge shell-like growth grew on his back and was almost covering the entire backside. The boy was diagnosed with Congenital Melanocytic Nevus, leading to a mole like growth on his entire back. The 6-year old Colombian boy got banned from attending school because of this frightening growth.


There was a belief within the local community that such rarest Birthmarks are usually caused by evil spirits, and if the boy continued to mingle with other children in school the evil spirits could also affect the other children. Though his mum, Luz, did not have enough money for surgery, there was good news when one plastic surgeon from Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, Neil Bulstrode, heard of the plight of this kid flew to the site and operated on the kid. (Source)


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