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8 Rarest Birthmarks You Have Ever Seen


5. A Young Boy with a Large Birthmark on His Face

A young boy with a large birthmark on his face was recently reported to have been cured by doctors by implanting horns on his forehead. A five-year old, George Ashman was born with one of the rarest Birthmarks in which a bright red blemish mark grew on his forehead.


His mother, Karen, 33, had fears that her son could grow up with lots of bullying from his peers. She decided to take him to the surgeons to undergo a surgical procedure in order to stretch his skin such that it could cover the blemished tissue. Surgeons inserted 2 expanders under his skin, and it gradually got inflated that they resembled two perfect devil horns. They later on removed the implants after four months and allowed the new skin to be stitched together, leaving the boy with a small scar. (Via)


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