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9 Most Shocking Illuminati Conspiracy Theories


1. The New World Order

illuminati conspiracy theories

The main and ultimate objective of the illuminati is to finally achieve the liberation of human beings in the form of new world order. According to some illuminati followers, the enemy of humanity is the old order of the world. The people who have been in charge of the world ever since the beginning are the problem. These people don’t see any reason of changing anything because the world is dancing to their tune. According to these illuminati, the only thing that can change the world for the better is the ne w world order. They go ahead to brand the presidents, prime ministers, media barons, top business executives and many  more as the enemy of humanity. According to these illuminati conspiracy theories, illuminati are the only true liberators of humanity by waging a fierce war against this common enemy of humanity.

Illuminati conspiracy theories continue to spring up across over various major incidences in the world. Whether you can agree to what they claim or not is not their problem. However, it remains to be seen whether a majority of people will follow these illuminati conspiracy theories which are feeling our minds over and over again when a major incident has occurred.


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