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Best Kids Movies of All Time


6. Cinderella (1950)

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‘Cinderella’ is an animated film from 1950 produced by Disney. Cinderella is a girl whose real mother died in childhood and she was grown up by her step mother. After the death of her father Cinderella’s step mother and sisters took control over estate and started mistreating Cinderella. Despite being scullery maid in her own home she was a gentle and loving young girl who was friendly with birds and mice who were living around her. Twist in the story comes up when king organize a ball to find a suitable wife for his prince and call all single girls of the kingdom to royal place. Cinderella’s step mother and sisters does not let her go to royal place by giving excuse that her dress is not appropriate. Cinderella give up all hopes but fairy ‘Godmother’ appears and dress her in a beautiful new ball gown with shoes made of glass and warn Cinderella that the spell will break in midnight. Cinderella went to royal place and dance with prince who fallen love with her but as soon as clock starts chime midnight Cinderella rush to leave royal place and in hurry her one glass shoe left there.  Prince decided in the morning to visit every house of his kingdom with that glass shoes and will marry the girl whose foot fits in the shoe. He found Cinderella in the end and they live happily ever after. This happy ending movie is on number six in our chart of all time best kids movies ever made.


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