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How to Scare Someone with 10 Amazing Scare Tactics


1. Exploit Your Victim’s Greatest Fear

Scare Tactics

This is probably among the easiest Scare Tactics to scare.  Each and every one of us has something we dread very much and will want to be away from it at all times. There are people who fear dogs, darkness, fire, dentist and so many things. If for instance you are in company of an individual who fear darkness, turn off the lights at once when that person does not expect and then make some weird noises. This will probably get the hell out of that person without at once and as a result she or might start screaming for help. Turn on the lights for him or her to realize that there was nothing to be troubled about.

Scaring can be interesting more so when your Scare Tactics are unique and people are unaware and they end up behaving in a manner you wanted, but it can be dangerous if you do it to people who are not your mates or people who high tempered. Practice the above tricks but know where and who to execute them to.


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