The Bittersweet Love Affair Between 15 Fat Celebrities and Food

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It is a very common thing that relation with food always turns to be somewhat bittersweet, you just can resist eating but the cost you pay for it is really heavy. By heavy we literally mean heavy, because the taste buds cheat you as they make you forget about the weight gain you will consequently have.

This problem is faced by many people but the celebrities under the limelight get most of the attention from people. So let’s see how love of food made these super hot celebrities face weight consequences and how they handled it. Well some of them really managed to be an inspiration for others.

Love Affair Between 15 Fat Celebrities and Food

Read further to know the story of these fat celebrities.

1. Jonah Hill

Jonah hill

Jonah Hill has been struggling with his weight for quite some time now. He has reduced his weight but then again ended up being one of overweight fat celebrities by gaining more. The celebrity has been spotted many times with his food and him.

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