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Top 10 Amazing Disney Movies Ever Made


1. Tangled Movie

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Computer animated musical film ‘Tangled’ was released in 2010. The 50th animated feature film ‘Tangled’ by Disney is based on German fairy tale ‘Rapunzel’. Story of the film runs around a lost princess with long magical hair who was never allowed to leave the tower where she was since she open her eyes. One day a handsome young guy intruder to take her out into the unseen world.  This $260 million film took six years in making with the title Rapunzel but to make this movie gender-neutral title was changed to Tangled. ‘Tangled’ is known as the second most expensive film of all time and the MOST expensive animated-movie ever made.

Indeed this world is created by the God but world of Disney within this world is created by Disney Movies and this world will remember Disney for creating such a beautiful world through “The Disney Movies”.


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