Top 10 Amazing Disney Movies Ever Made

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9. National Treasure Movie

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A complete adventure and mystical film ‘National Treasure’ was produced and released by ‘Walt Disney Pictures’ in 2004. This film is one of the best movies of Nicolas Cage with director Jon Turteltaub. The story was written by Jim Kouf, Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio, Marianne Wibberley and Cormac Wibberley, one of the best usage of Disney movies characters. The story is about a great legend of Knights Templar Treasure. Nicolas Cage who is staring as Benjamin Gates in ‘National Treasure’ was obsessed with finding Knights Templar Treasure since he was a school boy. In the movie Benjamin Gates was trying to find that treasure with the help of his father and girl friend. To reach his destiny Gates needs to find and steal the most sacred and guarded documents of America. The story goes smooth till Gates finds out that he is not the only one in this quest of finding the GREATEST treasure of history.


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