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Top 10 Amazing Disney Movies Ever Made


6. Alice in Wonderland Movie

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Alice in Wonderland animated movie is a mixture of fantasy comedy and adventure. The Film was released in the end of July in 1951. It is known as thirteenth and the greatest animated classic production of Walt Disney. The story is based on Lewis Carroll’s novel ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The remake of this movie was released in 2010 under the direction of Tim Burton. The script of this combination of live action and CGI animation was written by Linda Woolverton. Alice is a nineteen year old teenage girl who accidently returned to wonder-land(a place where she was 13 years ago). The whole story is based on a series of events. Movie was released in London in the end of February 2010, in Australia and America on the 1st week of March. The character of Alice which primarily emanated from Disney Movies is the hallmark of this film. 


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