Top 10 Amazing Stories For Kids Ever Written

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Stories for kids have been there since time in memorial. Parents over time have found it necessary to tell their kids some nice stories ranging from scary, entertaining to educational stories. We have done our research and here are top 10 amazing stories for kids ever written.

10. Where the Wild Things Are

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This is a story by an American author Maurice Sendak and was launched in 1963 under the book titled `where the wild things are’. The story brings a blend of suspense, action and fun of max, and he once played had to play around his home wearing wolf costumes. At one moment, his mother orders him to go to bed without supper as a form of punishment. From this point onwards, max start his adventures where he sees a strange wild forest and a see light ahead of him. There were strange animals who tried to confront him but max showered great courage after he successfully conquering them all. This story is so interesting and has so far been one of the famous stories for kids up to date.

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