Top 10 Awfully Weird Phobias of All Times

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Phobias are illogical fears that are faced by people and they vary. These are the weirdest of fears that people might face which are not common and are not faced by many people normally. Phobias are also of various types and there are some phobias that are very common and are widely known but there are some phobias that are weirdest as compared to the other common phobias.

These awfully weird phobias are so strange that people who don’t have them can’t even imagine that how it would be to live a life with those fears. These fears are so strange that little things look creepy, and you can’t stand them. Fears stop you from living a normal life, these are not just weird phobias, these are facts that how small things can have impact over your life as sometimes it takes a lifetime and yet you don’t overcome these phobias. We are sharing 10 of these most awful phobias.

10. Agyrophobia – Fear of Crossing the Street


This phobia is linked to the fear of streets of traffic which results in the person to be afraid of crossing streets, roads or highways. People having agyrophobia have this strange fear whenever they have to cross streets or roads which might also result in panic reaction that might also cause a troublesome situation on roads. People with this phobia several times have issues settling in heavy traffic areas. They prefer to live in places with less fearful streets and roads.

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