Top 10 Beautiful Romance Novels You Must Read

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Almost everyone likes romance at certain stage of his or her life. What can be as entertaining as reading romance books? We all like to hear good words from our partners. Therefore any source that can provide with an extra incentive in regards to this subject is a bonus. We have searched allover and we have come up with a list of romance novels that you will probably love and will always want to read them.

10. Bet Me Novel by Jennifer Crusie 

Romance Novels

Bet Me is probably the favorite of all romance novels. This is a novel I’ve read and re-read over and over again. Just like all other Cruise books, Bet Me will make you laugh and laugh louder. The scenes for falling in love are paramount here and this will make your appetite to wetter and wetter. Though there could be other more Cruise books on this list, bet me is probably the best of all and the one that deserves its place here.

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