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Top 10 Fun Games for Your Child


7. Time’s Up


‘Time’s up’ is one of those fun games that anyone can learn within a minute and then wants to play again and again and again. This game has set of 40 random name cards name as ‘Deck of Fame’. A player gives clues to his/her teammates and each team gets thirty seconds to guess names (as many as possible). Players can use words, sounds and effects even charades to give clues. But once game enters in round 2 and 3 the speech becomes restricted more and more. In each round of ‘Time’s up’ one of the team members become a ‘clue-giver’ and rest of the members are ‘guessers’. An optional round in ‘Time’s Up’ is available if the players wants to go for ‘advance play’. In this round Guesser starts with their eyes closed whereas the Clue-giver freezes in a pose and depict their clue. On frozen Guesser open his/her eyes and have to give one guess, then Clue-giver looks at the next card and keep repeating this process. This 15 awards wining game got the Best Party Game title by Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle and Games Magazine.


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