Top 10 Funky and Amazing Ear Piercings

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Body piercing, especially ear piercing has been a popular tradition since time immemorial. The practice has emerged more than a tradition. It originated first in Egypt and later spread across the world. In modern history, ear piercing is the most respected and in fact the most popular form of body piercing. Down the years, various types of ear piercings have emerged. BigShocking take time on the internet to collect and share top 10 different types of ear piercings that will make your jaw drop.

10. Tragus Ear Piercing

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Tragus is a fairly thick part of an ear located at the opening. Tragus piercing is therefore one of the ear piercings that involves this part and some form of jewelry.  This form of ear piercing uses a small gauge piercing needles. The recommended type of jewelry worn in this part is in form of thin circular wire rings or beard rings. Using earphones during the heal time can be challenging, however the chances of stretching and tearing are low.

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