Top 10 Most Amazing Extinct Animals

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Hundreds of animals species go away forever for many reasons, now we didn’t found them physically in our world but can get information about those extinct animals along with their pictures.

Most Amazing Extinct Animals

With the passage of time we see major changes in living creatures, if we talked about the animals there are number of extinct animals, but we are sharing 10 Amazing Extinct Animals with you.

10. Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs were pre historic reptiles which are now among extinct animals. They lived about 230-65 million years ago. The word dinosaur means “terrible lizard”. Ever since they were discovered in the 19th century, there have been a number of debates for how they got extinct.

Amazing Extinct Animals

At the end of 19th century it was finally realized that all dinosaurs have gone extinct within a brief period of time. Most theories suggested that the main reason for their extinction was climate changes due to volcanic eruptions, lowering sea levels and shifting of continents. Whatever might be the reason of their extinction, dinosaurs have captured our hearts like no other extinct animals ever.

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