Most Shocking Mythical Creatures You Must See

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Do you remember the twilight saga that took the world by storm? Many people knew little about werewolves, vampires and monitors. Thereafter, many movies and series featuring mythical creatures were created luring human’s attention. Research on mythical creatures reveals that there are over 1000 of these shocking creatures across the world. We are able to make a list of top 10 mythical creatures that we are sure can help increase your interest and knowledge in cryptology.

10. The Banshee

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The banshee also falls under this list of top 10 mythical creatures. According to Irish mythologies, the banshee was referred to as female spirit which was associated with death. Legends describes these spirits as fairy woman start wailing when people are about to die. You will hear them describing them as ‘The woman characterized by fairy mounds.’

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