Top 10 Shocking Bermuda Triangle Theories

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Have you ever heard of Bermuda triangle? Let me guess so. But still, if you haven’t heard about this phrase, we at Bigshocking, are ready to tell you what it is and share with you top 10 Bermuda triangle theories. Bermuda triangle is also referred to as the “Devil’s Island” or the “Triangle of Satan”.

The Bermuda Triangle is believed as a place where planes and ship used to disappear mysteriously several decades ago. Scientists have failed to come up with a clear answer regarding this triangle. However, they only agree on some experiments that confirm that whatever goes near the Bermuda triangle doesn’t come out.  Scientist claim that this triangle has caused over 1000 deaths.

10. Comet-Crash Bermuda Triangle Theory 

A class of people believes that Bermuda triangle was formed when a comet, running at high speed, crashed into earth some centuries back. They believe that this comet crashed into the sea creating a deep hole which they say is the deepest in the world. They believe that this hole is about 10,000 ft below sea-level.

Bermuda triangle theories

There is no proof about this ‘comet crash’, the existent of this hole and the actual size of this hole. They continue to explain that this comet exudes strong territorial radiations that interfere with navigational tools such as aircrafts.

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