Top 10 Spooky Smugglings in the World

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Illegal transportation of goods has been something that affecting governments for money years now. The rare the commodity, the more it becomes smuggled.

Spooky Smuggling in the World

The most interesting thing with smuggling is the fact that the more the rules get tougher, the more people invent finer ways of smuggling things. The following are the top 10 most smuggled things in the world:

10. Smuggling of Electronic Items

With the ever increasing technology, our lives are also increasingly getting used to electronics. New models are emerging every now and then and with them is the emergence of the new excitements. In fact, in some countries you get people stampeding in selling stores in readiness to buy the latest models.


Mobile phones, notepads and laptops are such electronic devices that are one of the most smuggled things in the world. The countries in which these things are most smuggled into include India and china because of their large populations.

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