10 Amazing Harlem Shake Song Videos 2022

The ‘Harlem Shake song ‘is the latest video, currently a hit and one that has gone viral online. Initially, this video phenomenon was started by a YouTube comedy vlogger known as Filthy Frank in the 1980s. In recent years, we have seen the Harlem Shake videos are being re-invented by Baauer who has seen his version being compared to a PYS style popularly referred as ‘Gangnam Style.’ Though similar, Gangnam is known to heavily relying on overproduced video while Baaauer is actually relying heavily on user-generated videos where by producing raw fun is given first priority. In recent weeks, we have seen a mixed online reaction over Baauer’s “Harlem Shake song’’.

The internet has seen different people from different part of the world post their own versions of videos in a move of trying to imitate the harlem shake song. It has of late reached its peak and as a result the song did debut at number one on Bilboard’s Hot 100 chart. At the same time, the young EDM whiz (Baauer) who is behind this track has seen him become the latest cover star on Billboard. It is difficult to pick the best of videos from the list of thousands of videos that do exist.

10 Amazing Harlem Shake Song Videos 2022

Despite this difficulty, the following videos are half-minute snippets that have made us to keep on coming back for more videos. Have a personal look at the following top 10 amazing Harlem Shake videos and you can review your comment after you are through with watching.

This Harlem Shake video is an Australian-based video uploaded by longboading crew known as the Sunny Coast State. In this video, there are four dudes staring in a dorm-style setting showing off in Baauer’s beat. Since its inception, this video has been officially acknowledged by YouTube as the kickstarter of the viral trend.

A ton of office freekout- version of meme is another fascinating Harlem Shake song that has attracted the attention of more than 1.4 million viewers of YouTube. It has emerged as the most inspiring video in YouTube. This version of Harlem Shake video is based on the Norway pop culture’s savvy battalion. This version became of the first videos to be adopted by the University of Georgia for its men and women’s underground dance trend. This video has since attracted as twice as many views than its original version.

Another one of the great harlem shake song, Credit should be accorded to men of the University of Georgia who were part of the crew that did a swim and dance in the under-ground dance trend.

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