10 Amazing Proposal Ideas For Your Love Partner

2. Hug and Whisper Proposing Idea

proposal ideas

In our research we got so many interesting proposal ideas, on number two we would like to share an anonymous lover’s perfect idea of proposing. In his words, he says “I think in case you are in love, not really too much is required to be done! Get hold of her face in your hands look into her eyes, start thinking about those lovely moments spent with your beloved may be while darting or while talking on telephone. I can bet the same she will start thinking she will be in the same environment as you are. You will find her face getting warm, her eyes getting watery and right there u without saying anything give a short kiss on her neck. The very next move of yours will complete your proposal hug her and whisper “The Proposal” in her ears. That’s it! :)”. Oh my LORD, wasn’t it AMAZING?

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