10 Best Websites for Online Reading – Read Books Online

There are numerous sites where you can enjoy yourself to read books online. Reading books is a good idea as it is quick and cost effective. We bring you the most popular sites where you can read books online.

10. Amazon (CloudReader)

Read Books Online

Amazon is one of the most popular sites where you can read books online. Amazon has two ways of reading books: kindle for the site and look inside.

Look Inside

This feature is used to buy, print or kindle. Go to the book and see where it is labeled “look inside”. Click on that arrow on top of the cover and a new window will open showing the content of the book. On one of the dashboard, you can preview on what you want to do with the book. Kindle the book or otherwise print it.

Kindle for the Web

This tool is useful if you are looking for a print book. This feature will help you to read books online by kindling for the web. Though it shows the content of a print book, it links this book to a kindle edition. A green widget is seen to the right sidebar of a print book. Read the first chapter free.

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