10 Common Scary Stories Mothers tell to Their Children

In every community, mothers have a duty to educate their young children by telling them some of the values and norms expected of them as members of that community. In doing this, mothers may use different methods of communication including use of scary stories. Let us take a look at a list of 10 common Scary stories Mothers tell to Their Children below:

10. Bogeyman

scary stories

The bogeyman is one of the commonly used in scary stories in the west. He his described as the one without shape, color, size and with no form. In order for this bogeyman to take care of all different forms of naughtiness, he has been divided into different forms. There branches of bogeyman for those children who cry often, those who do not want to eat, kids who bite and so on. Mothers tease their children by telling them “don’t do this or bogeyman will eat you’’.

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