10 Common Scary Stories Mothers tell to Their Children

1. Bollywood Baddies

scary stories

Common names in the bollywood baddies are all well known and usually elicit scary memories in us when we hear them. Characters such as Mogambo, Joker, Gabbar Singh, The Crime Master Go-Go and Samba All have menacing smiles and devil eyes. Mothers tune into these movies to make their children aware of the scary scenarios that are taking place in those movies. The idea of being kidnapped by these buddies is so scary and children do not want to be part of that. For instance mothers tell their children, “do this all be kidnapped by bollywood baddies“.

Scary stories have been in existence for quite a long time and have continued to play a big role in educating young children some valuable moralities. Most children are known to be naught and if mothers would not be wise enough in handling the, they might end up becoming bad people in the society. Get yourself in touch with BigShocking for more shocking stories that you could perhaps not know.

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