10 Deadliest Terrorist Attacks in the World

1. Deadly Terrorist Attacks  – 9/11

Terrorist Attacks

September 11 of 2001 is now known as ‘9-11’. On Tuesday at 8:45 morning, American Airlines Boeing 767 full of passengers and fuel hit straight into World Trade Center in New York which result killing hundreds of people and thousand injured and trapped in the building of World Trade Center. After 18 minutes, United Airlines Flight number 175 come into view and hit second tower of World Trade Center. This causes a massive explosion and within two hours World Trade Center falls down.

The third flight was meant to target Pentagon and the last one was crashed into a field while passengers were trying to overpower hijackers. 9-11 is known as the darkest day in the history of America when three thousand people gulped dead in a terrorist attack by Al-Qaeda.

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