10 Most Famous Justin Bieber Tattoos You Must See

 deJustin Bieber, the Canadian singer is a popular and one of the successful young pop/R$B stars of the world. Originally discovered in 2007 by the Diabers’s current manager, Scooter Braun started to record demo tapes at the age of thirteen. Though one of the most admired and adored teen singer, Justin Bieber has also received his share fair of criticism. Most of these criticisms are based on his popularity and image.

More recently, some of his criticisms are on his controversial tattoos. The following are some of the most famous Justin Bieber tattoos you must not afford to watch.

10. Indian Head Hockey Team Logo

Justin Bieber tattoos

Justin celebrated the start of 2013 with a completely new tattoo that featured the profile of a Native American man. This tattoo was inked on blade of his left shoulder. The Indian head hockey tattoo is a celebration of his late grandfather with whom he used to go to watch a Canadian hockey player known as Stratford Culliton.

He together with his late grandfather used to go and watch this man play hockey every Friday, but now luckily he has had this inked on his shoulder for permanent remembrance. This tattoo is perhaps one of those Justin Bieber tattoos that you need to see.

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