10 Funniest Facebook Photoshop Fails

Social media has been a revelation and a platform on which people have got to meet and express their feelings with people. More specifically, Facebook has of late emerged as the most used social media in the world. It is not actually the question of how many people have a Facebook account, but how does not have. It is fact that in most countries, people of all ages have run to Facebook for either linking up with their friends or as a way of breaking boredom, by reading some of the most fascinating posts on the walls.

The obsession of logging into Facebook account has engulfed almost everybody, but the most fascinating thing is the manner in which other people have go miles to manipulate photoshop to create what has recently been known as “Facebook photoshop fails”. What is the result? The result is actually blatant abuse to photoshop.

The complaint here is not why photoshop was invented, but the manner in which we have started using it does not reflect the meaning that it was invented. Facebook photoshop fails have been things that started slowly, but they have gained momentum that you cannot log into a Facebook account a single day and find a hilarious photo being posted. A simple argument here is this, the world was done a favor by few genius minds who worked day and night to invent photoshop. But we can ask is this! What has the world done to these great minds? The answer is simple! Facebook photoshop fails.

Funniest Facebook Photoshop Fails

The idea behind photoshop was to give power to designers to manipulate pictures for the sake of entertainment. But as one saying goes-too much power corrupts, and this is what this power has done in photoshop. Facebook has gone astray and if this trend cannot be tamed, Facebook photoshop fails are really going to make the world crazy. Below is a collection of Funniest Facebook Photoshop Fails:

10. Skinny Girl who Doesn’t Want to Eat

Funny Photoshop Fail


What can you conclude from this picture? The skinny young woman seems to be suffering from anorexia and food is her enemy. People become slender due to health problems and sometimes due to lack of food. It is common sense that some health conditions make people slender, but what about a case where somebody is abstaining from eating food and doing all sorts of things for the sake of becoming extremely slender?

A condition known as anorexia has been known to be responsible for some cases of slender people in which you get these people do all they can to achieve extreme slenderness. This particular fail seems to suggest that girly is suffering from anorexia.

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