10 Most Scariest Places on Earth You Never Want to Visit!

6. Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo: Sicily, Italy

If the Chapel of Bones, one of the scariest places on earth scared you bones, brace yourself for this one! The ghoulish room was created out of necessity back in the late 16th century. During this time, the cemetery at the Capuchin monastery had been completely swarmed up. As a result, the original catacombs were excavated to make more room. It was initially intended that religious men would be the exclusive residents. Eventually word about the natural mummification process got out and it soon became a status representation where local citizens earned a spot to rest in peace while donning their best outfits.

scariest places on earth

Consequently, the underground tombs hold about 8,000 bodies which have been arranged in separate corridors, including one for religious figures, one for proficient men, another for children, and yet another for virgins. The corpses are displayed like a museum exhibit, as they are arranged in such a manner to depict lifelike posts.

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