10 Most Scariest Places on Earth You Never Want to Visit!

9. Byberry Mental Asylum

Movie makers must have done thorough research to know that Mental Asylums indeed are horrific. The Byberry Mental Asylum is situated in Philadelphia. Founded in 1907, the hospital exceeded its patient limit quickly. It housed the mentally challenged, as well as the criminally insane patients. Due to its terrible conditions, and the sub-human treatment of its patients, the hospital was stopped and deserted in 1990. Since then it became a nuisance for the neighborhood, as it was a breeding ground for thugs, arsonists, Satanists, and city explorers. It is counted as one of the scariest places on earth due to the way it was run.

scariest places on earth

Human excrement lined the hallways, which were also where many patients slept. The staff was obnoxious and repeatedly demoralized and beleaguered patients. A female patient was dismembered and killed. The killer was however never found but the victim’s body was found scattered across the property; her teeth were found being toyed with by a fellow patient. Though the hospital was in the process of closing, two discharged patients were found lifeless in the nearby river, two consecutive days after their discharge.

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