10 Shocking Claims of Reincarnation

10. A Hollywood Actor Reincarnated

The odds of how life of a Hollywood actor living in luxury can change are not so slim. We’ve seen them go bankrupt or give up the riches for a private medium lifestyle. But when an actor dies while still living the Hollywood dream, only to be reborn as a child merely living a basic good life, he’d really be frustrated.


A young boy, Ryan from Oklahoma claimed to have lived another life in Hollywood. What he talked about was not the usual kind of flamboyant imagination that a 10years old child would have. Ryan told his mother once in a while about going home to “Hollywood”. He even told his mother stories about how he mingled among stars, travelled lavishly and dancing on Broadway.

Skeptical of this detailed information, his mother got him books about Hollywood to see if anything better would come of her son’s memories. While going through the pictures with him one time, they got to a publicity shot from “Night After Night” –a 1932 movie. He pointed to an extra in the shot and said, “That’s me”. Setting out to investigate the man pointed, they found out his name was Marty Martyn who had died in 1964. Every detail Ryan gave about his past life seemed to correspond with what they found out about Marty’s life.

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