10 Shocking Claims of Reincarnation

4. The Patient Who Killed And Married Her Son

We’ve certainly heard of past-life regression therapy which is now taking root in various parts of the world. According to Brian Weiss, a trained psychiatrist who now leads in past life regression therapy, he has been able to tap in to some past lives of his patients.


Among them was a patient named Diane who during one of the regression sessions, experienced the life of a young settler in North America during the early years of conflict with Native Americans. She talked about a time when she was hiding from a hunting party with her child. This child she said had a half moon shaped birthmark underneath his right shoulder. At the hideout, the child started crying out. Fearing for their lives, she accidentally stifled her son by covering his mouth.

Sometime later after the session, Diane was attracted to a patient admitted for asthma attacks. The patient also claimed to have felt an attraction towards Diane. Interestingly, the patient had the same birth mark as the child from the session and was located at the same place. Diane and the patient eventually got married.

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