10 Most Shocking Comic Book Deaths 2022

In this era of smartphones, there are still many young lads who are fans of comic books. Here are some shocking comic book deaths that broke people heart.

The comic book is a fan community where death is serious, but it is not taken serious in our real life. Though death is a serious subject to discuss, in comic books it is regarded as something not meaningful and therefore does not have any bearing on real life.

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10 Most Shocking Comic Book Deaths 2022

From a list of thousands, we have shortlisted the most shocking comic book deaths here below.

10. Did Spider-Man Kill His Girlfriend?

Stan Lee of Marvel Comic big daddy, developed some love interest in Spider-man’s girl friend-Mary Jane Watson aka Stacy Gwen. Immediately when Gerry Conway took over as a writer, he wanted to ditch Stacy. Some claims have gone as far as claiming that Gerry wanted to eliminate Stacy in retaliation.

Spider Man kill his girlfriend comic book

It was by no-coincidence that in “Death of Gwen Stacy” that Gwen Stacy died in 1973. Actually, the death of Stacy is one of the most shocking comic books deaths so far as it has since created a lot of debate regarding who could have killed her. The question much asked is whether it was Spider-man or Green Goblin who killed her.

9. DC Comics Killed One of its Biggies-the Fastest Man Alive

The arrival of Flash in comic books elicited its silver age, leading to the revamping of characters such as the Justice League and Green Lantern. The revamping of justice League led to the inspiration of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby to come up with Fantastic Four. Fantasy four led to the creation of numerous characters in Marvel comic who included spider-man, Avengers, the Hulk, the X-men and men others.

DC Comics killed one of its biggies comic book

By the end of 1985, there were many realities and earths alternated to each other. DC comics, then decided to ignite a fresh fight by trying to get rid of some of the characters. This led to a serious mini crisis on infinite earths. What makes this story one of the shocking comic book deaths is the death of Barry Allen, who died while protecting the earth in a fight Anti-Monitor.

8. DC killed off the Man of Steel

Following the events of Infinite Crisis, DC decided to reboot their continuity and re-launch the Superman mythos in 1986. This led to the surging of popularity of comic books in 1990s, also with the help of X-men reboot.

DC killed off the Man of Steel

In one of the most shocking comic books deaths, superman in “superman #75’’, was involved in one of the most unstoppable war machine called Doomsday. This fight resulted in the death of each opponent, and superman died in Lois Lane’s arms.

7. The Death of Holy Crap, Batman! Robin

Dick Grayson finally grew up and flew the coop after so many years of being Batman’s original Robin. This departure prompted Batman to train another lad named Jason Todd as his new Robin. A short fuse was ignited after the launching of the new Robin, who got involved in a fight against Two-Face who tried to strangle him.


The death of Jason was and remains to be among the most shocking comic books deaths up-to date. The company of the book sought a public opinion on whether they could like Jason to die or not. By a narrow margin of 50.34%, readers voted for his death.

6. The X-Man Who Killed 5 Billion people

Perhaps this “X-Man’’ is one of the most shocking comic books deaths to have ever been recorded. There was a big furore when its founder member was declared dead.

The X-Man who killed 5 billion people

While saving her X-men, she took control of the crashing space shuttle and finally emerged from the water completely powerful and different being. There was a big shock when Jean Gray committed suicide just in front of her lover, Scott Summers.

5. Spider-Man Killed

The killing of the main character of the book is probably one of the most shocking comic books deaths you could never imagine in a comic story.

Spider-Man! The biggest super hero of Marvel Comics who got killed

In their 700th final issue of “The Amazing Spider-Man’’, the Marvel celebrated by killing their main character. To add salt to the injury, the book was released a few days to the 90th birthday of Stan-Man, the spider-man creator. Though, the fact is that Spidey never really died, his consciousness actually died.

4. The Superhero who Stayed Dead for Over 50 Years

Just as Robin was to Batman, Bucky Barnes was also to Captain America– his closest friend and confidant. The death of Bucky can only happen in the most shocking comic books deaths but not in reality! The two were involved in a war during the World War II, in which they fought the bad guys.

The superhero who stayed dead for over 50 years

Towards the end of the war, Bucky bought the farm and presumably stayed dead for decades. On the other hand, Captain America remained in suspended animation for a long time only to return to action after years of inactivity.

3. The Super Hero’s Girl Friend

The story of Rayner and his girlfriend –Alexander DeWitt is really fascinating. DeWitt was murdered by Major Force, and cut into pieces, making this episode one if not the most shocking comic books deaths to have ever happened.

The superhero’s girlfriend of who got chopped up and put into a fridge

2. The Gunning Down of America’s Favourite Comic Book Teenager

If you thought you would never hear of other shocking comic books deaths, then the story in Life With Archie, In Issue 36 will baffle you.

The gunning down of America's favourite comic book teenager

In this series, Archie dies while attempting to try to help his best friend, Kevin Keller from an assassination attempt. Archie was shot in place of Keller and died on the spot.

1. Murders Created The Most Iconic Crime Fighters Ever

The above entries have really been shocking! But then you can’t wrap up the list of the most shocking comic books deaths without mentioning Bruce Wayne’s parents and their impact on him.

The relatives whose murders created the most iconic crime-fighters ever

Thomas and Martha, parents of Wayne Bruce were all confronted with Joe Chill who killed the two parents but spared the life of Wayne. The young Wayne decided to become a Batman due to this incidence.

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