10 Shocking Facts about India You Dont Know

There are a large number of the things that you can have and experience in India, there are millions of the things that can be done in India which is actually a small state. Here are some of the odd facts about India, have you ever seen?

10. Facts About Taj Mahal of India

Facts about India

Taj mahal of India is actually known as the epitome of love, while listening to all the things and facts about India, the Taj Mahal of India was built in the 17th century. The Taj Mahal of India was based on attractive white monuments which attracts thousands of the tourists from all over the world. Taj Mahal is an amazing place and it is known as the epitome of love more than Taj Mahal. All the visits of the Taj Mahal are worth this experience, but the charges for night visits might be high.

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