10 Strange Mormon Beliefs We Need to Know!

Mormon religion fall under Christians but they follow different values which they claim to have been the value of Jesus Christ. They regard themselves as the purest form of Christianity. The Mormon beliefs explains that the prophet hood was passed on to Joseph Smith Jr.

Strange Mormon Beliefs We Need to Know!

These days the Mormon religions headquarter is based at Utah. BigShocking took time to collect and share to you the 10 Strange Mormon Beliefs We Need to Know!

10. “Three Heavens” Belief of Mormons

Most religions preach that if you do wrong things you will go to hell and if you do good things you will be taken to heaven. They consider heaven as the place of more blessing and comfortable lifestyle, while hell as a place of more suffering and lots of curses.

Mormon beliefs

Mormon beliefs are quite different, they believe that heaven is classified into three:

  1. Telestial Kingdom
  2. Terrestrial Kingdom
  3. Celestial kingdom

They believe that Celestial kingdom is the heaven for God and his followers while Terrestrial kingdom is the heaven for the followers of mosses. Telestial kingdom on the other hand is the heaven for carnal followers.

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