11 Superb and Funny Reasons to Resign

People all over the world do resign from their positions. It could be due to certain dissatisfaction or due to a new and better job or it could be other personal reasons. We at Bigshocking.com have researched and put up 11 super funny reasons that make people to resign from their current positions.

11. I Hate My Job

funny reasons to resign

In some circumstances, people would feel that their current job is not what they are meant to do. They feel that their respective current job profiles are not giving them the kind of motivation and satisfaction they ever wanted or they are qualified for. The fact is, people want to be associated with a job profile that is consistent with their qualifications. But what of those who are completely not employed? Don’t you think they are out to do a job that will come on their way irrespective of the profile? This kind of disconnect between these two groups is what makes this stance-“I hate my job” one of the funny reasons to resign.

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