14 Hilariously Inappropriate Playgrounds of the World

A playground or a play area is a designed area meant to allow children a space for playing. It doesn’t matter where a playground is located, it could be indoors or outdoors. In most cases, a playground is designed for young children, but there are others which are designed for other age groups. For instance, Berlin’s Preussenpark is designed for senior adults aged 70 and above. The modern designed playground come with fascinating recreational facilities such as merry-go-round, seesaw, swingset, spring rider, slide, monkey bars, jungles gym, overhead ladder, sandbox, chin-up bars, trapeze rings, mazes, and playhouses.

Many of these facilities are good in helping g young children to develop physical strength, coordination and flexibility as well as provision of enjoyment and recreation. In most modern playgrounds, there are different play structures that link up with other many pieces of equipments. Other playground facilities are equipped with other features for playing informal games. These include adult sports such as basketball, tether ball, skating arena and baseball.

Hilariously Playgrounds of the World

Playground facilities can be public or private. Public ones are those meant to be used by the general public without many restrictions. They include play areas such as child care facilities, parks, schools and other in institutions. One common thing from all these stuff is this-Conducive environment for children to play! But have you ever heard of hilariously inappropriate playground? Have a quick look at some of the most hilariously inappropriate playgrounds in the world here below.

14. Anus of an Elephant

Inappropriate Playgrounds

This playground is made of a design that features a sliding place originating from the anus of the elephant. By allowing your children to play in a playground with such a meaning, this might not auger well with most of the norms and beliefs of our societies. The anus, either of a human being or an animal is an organ that is considered to be a private part. This is why this playground is taken to be one of the hilariously inappropriate playgrounds in the world.

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