14 Most Inappropriate T-Shirts Designs Of All Time

hot girl t-shirt

The best punishment for the naughty one.

Interesting Facts about T shirts

  1. The world most expensive T shirt cost $250,000, the composition of this T shirt is beyond imagination. The T shirt is made up of pure gold and it takes almost 15 days to complete a single piece.
  2. As per the statics almost 2 billion dollars T shirts are sold every year.
  3. The one T shirt requires 6 miles of yarn.
  4. One T shirt require 256.6 gallon of water.
  5. The world’s biggest t shirt is made by using fabric of 12,000 t shirts.
  6. T shirts which were made up of recycled cotton were actually preventing the five billion tons of textile wastage, and it also help in reducing the environmental pollution.
  7. The word record set for the most T shirts worn was of 257 T shirts worn on the same time by one person.
  8. As per Twitter statics the word T shirt were seen in the tweeter mostly at 3 pm and least at 7 pm.
  9. On average every individual own 27 T shirts.
  10. Google statics shows that there are more searches for t shirts then beer, Graphic design and NFL combined.
  11. The world biggest t shirt is of 170 feet in width and 262 ft in length.
  12. The performance of Marlon Brando is the one reason of T shirt booms, in performance Marlon Brando worn custom made t shirt.
  13. Cotton made T shirt can also protect you from flying bullet. Recently the team of scientist made a cotton made T shirt with boron, which was known as the toughest material to man. The composition of these two can protect you from flying bullet.
  14. In 1939 the first promotional t-shirt was printed for the movie “The Wizard of Oz“.

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